Law Firm in Barcelona


LERYCKE ADVOCATS is a lawyer’s office with an enterprising team of professionals trained in the most important and prestigious Spanish and international law firms.

With offices in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, LERYCKE ADVOCATS offers expert legal advice services in different areas of the law with a high degree of specialist knowledge in specific areas.

The structure and organisation of our firm allows us to offer global, integrated and comprehensive advice. 

We adapt to the specific needs of our client by forming a team of professionals to suit each and every case.

Our firm has built strong International ties with offices located in various parts of the European Union and other English and French speaking countries.

Each client is assigned a professional contact who will keep them regularly and directly informed on the evolution of their case and who is responsible 

for coordinating the work of the specialists in each legal area, be it fiscal, commercial, employment, procedural, urban development, regulatory, etc.

All of the professional members of our team are proficient in several languages especially English and French.

Additionally our firm is member of ALTA JURIS INTERNATIONAL an independent law firm association of more than 130 law firms and 580 lawyers.


LERYCKE LAWYERS conceive the practice of law as a relationship based on trust between the lawyer and the client. Our professional team take on every legal matter or issue as their own.


Following continued and thorough legal training and hours of rigorous work, our professional team has a firm compromise to provide the best legal service possible. We offer you legal assistance of the highest quality, conscious that our clients require imaginative, innovative and complex solutions.


Our legal firm has strong and consolidated ties with offices in various jurisdictions of the European Union and other English and French speaking countries. A thorough knowledge of and implementation in the Balearics and Barcelona, a marked international orientation and fluency in several languages, establishes our legal offices as a point of reference in the legal sector.

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers

Before you hire a lawyer consider that...

Trust and Compatibility

It is very important to be compatible and to forge a relationship with your lawyer based on trust.

Communication and Response

To have open and direct communication channel with the lawyer who is working on your case is as essential as getting fast and concise answers to all your questions.

Professional Experience

Make sure that the law firm you choose has proven experience in similar cases.

Prestige and Affiliations 

A law firm of renowned prestige and affiliated to reputed national and international associations is always a guaranty of quality legal advice.